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Roundtable Q&A: Overcoming Setbacks, Standing Out, and Goal Setting w/ Athena Brownson

January 05, 2023 Garrett Maroon
The Faithful Agent
Roundtable Q&A: Overcoming Setbacks, Standing Out, and Goal Setting w/ Athena Brownson
Show Notes

Often we build our lives around everything going perfectly to plan and then become frustrated when our expectations are blocked. Those moments when things aren’t going right are our biggest opportunities for growth.

Agents often try to do it all and be all things to all people because we’re afraid of losing a deal. Becoming known for something will take us much further and we can stand out of the crowd by not blending in.

In today’s episode, we are joined again by Athena Brownson for a roundtable discussion featuring listeners' questions about overcoming inevitable setbacks and how to stand out in a sea of competition. 

Three Things You'll Learn in this Episode

- How to generate trust by being authentic rather than arrogant.
People are more impressed with consistency and confidence than they are by the loudest voice in the room.

- Get clear on what you bring to the table and then spend your time developing those skills. 
You’ll never be able to please everyone so just focus on being the best version of yourself.

- We should have goals to work towards and a new year is the perfect time to make a plan. 
Learn what’s top of mind for me, Tyler and our guest as we move into 2023.

How to Connect with Our Guest

Athena Brownson is a Realtor and former professional skier. She is a member of the Denver Metro Association of REALTORS® and was awarded silver at the Denver Metro Association of REALTORS® Excellence Awards in 2019 and 2020. She also received the 5-Star Professional Award in Fortune Magazine in April 2020.

Find Athena on Instagram @athenabrownsonrealtor

Find Athena on Linkedin @Athena Brownson

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