The Faithful Agent

Why Empathy Is The Key Trait of the Best Agents w/Zach Fauver

December 01, 2022 Garrett Maroon
The Faithful Agent
Why Empathy Is The Key Trait of the Best Agents w/Zach Fauver
Show Notes

There are many characteristics that make a successful salesperson, but having an empathetic viewpoint is an important trait that’s often downplayed or even overlooked.

The best people in sales know that walking in the shoes of the people we want to help allows us to serve them at a higher level.

Why is it so important to understand our clients' motivations and the pain points behind the real estate transaction?

In this episode, Listing Specialist at Fauver Group Real Estate Zach Fauver joins us to discuss what it takes to make a successful salesperson and why having an empathetic viewpoint is so important.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

-What it takes to be a great agent
How does having an empathetic viewpoint help us when it comes to sales?

-How to understand the client's motivations
Can we truly help people if we don’t know the big why behind a decision?

-How to move a transaction forward in a challenging market
How do we keep our clients motivated in a tougher market?

Guest Bio

With over 10 years of experience in the Real Estate business, Zach Fauver is invested in building a business that values relationships over transactions while providing the highest level of service to every client. He is committed to helping individuals make sound financial decisions at critical junctures in their lives. Serving clients in the Richmond and Hampton Roads regions of Virginia, Zach has put in the time to learn the strengths, history, and culture of both communities.

A 2008 graduate from Christopher Newport University, Zach spent several years leading up to real estate as a top-producing BMW Client Advisor. There he developed his negotiation skills and ability to work with people through any and all circumstances.

Apart from work, Zach enjoys tennis, travel, mountain biking, and traveling with his family. He, his wife Lindsay, their daughter Emma Grace, are all honored to live in Virginia and invest their time in the community there.

Find Zach on LinkedIn @Zach Fauver

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