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How to Make Life Changes Without Waiting for a Life Changing Event w/Kate Papkin

November 23, 2022 Garrett Maroon
The Faithful Agent
How to Make Life Changes Without Waiting for a Life Changing Event w/Kate Papkin
Show Notes

Too often life punches us in the face, and we are forced to make instant decisions and changes that will impact how we live. Rather than waiting for significant life events to force us to change the course of our lives, we can make changes that we are in control of today.

How do we decide what changes we need to make? Why should we conduct a life audit to decide what takes priority in our lives?

In this episode, successful real estate professional and cancer survivor, Kate Papkin joins us to discuss why we should not wait for a life changing event to change our lives, how to purposely and proactively change our priority perspectives and how she conducts a life audit.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

-The meaning of success
How do we hone in on what our own version of success is?

-How to conduct an honest life audit
A life audit essentially means figuring out what takes priority in our lives. How do we decide what should stay and what should go?

-How to live by design
In order to live a life by design, we need to become clear on what our core values are and what aligns with it.

Guest Bio

Kate Papkin is originally from Washington Township, a Philadelphia suburb located in southern New Jersey. She attended the Pennsylvania State University and studied Communications Arts and Sciences and Journalism. She started her career in real estate 16 years ago as a sales representative for new home builder NVR/Ryan Homes in the Northern Virginia market. Kate joined Keller Williams in 2016 as the Team Leader/CEO of the KW Metro Center Old Town Alexandria office In 2018, Kate went through the rigorous application and training protocols to become a MAPS (Mega Agent Productivity Systems) leadership coach. In 2019, Kate was promoted to General Manager for all KW Metro Center offices.

Kate lives in Fairfax County with her husband of 12 years, their 3 children, and their Cavachon pup.

Find Kate on Instagram @katebradleypapkin
Find Kate on Facebook @Kate Bradley Papkin 

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